At this year's Neisse Film Festival, Magdalena Sienicka's The Amazons received a special mention in the short film competition.

The Neisse Film Festival was held in 20 cinemas in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. The winners of the festival, which has been held for 19 years, receive the Neisse Fish statuettes – created by Andreas Kupfer, an artist from Strahwalde.

This year, the jury awarded the Polish short documentary The Amazons directed by Magdalena Sienicka.  It's a story about strong women united in their fight against illness – breast cancer. Each of the women who are part of the association has had their breasts removed or reconstructed. Despite their traumatic experiences, they all love life and try to get the most out of each day. The film reflects on illness and what they do every day to make life look as normal as possible.

A list of all winners can be found here.