Four Polish productions or co-productions have been invited to this year's edition of the Ex Oriente Film workshop. The first part of this three-part event will take place in La Rochelle in June.

Ex Oriente Film is a workshop aimed at assisting production and financing of documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe. A total of 12 projects picked by a selection committee will take part in the event. Each will be represented by two-person teams composed of directors and producers. The former will work on developing their film's subject as well as the narrative and visual style of the film, while the latter will learn more about seeking sponsors and the how the film business works in the world.

There are four Polish productions or co-productions among the 12 projects. December by Grzegorz Paprzycki is produced by Telemark. It's a story about borders, emigrants, and refugees. The director takes us right into the middle of a border crisis. Young Blood is directed by Agata Baumgart and produced by Grzegorz Pacek from Wytwórnia Filmów. In the documentary, the director gives the floor to adolescent girls who are undergoing a mental crisis and struggling with entering adulthood.

War on Women by Marisa Salumets is a Polish-Slovak-Estonian investigative documentary co-production that takes a close look at the critical problems related to women's rights, especially in the context of reproductive rights.   In turn, Judit Oláh's Maomi is the result of a Polish-Hungarian-German co-operation. It's a story about a former hippie who lived in the spirit of free love, outside of social norms. Years later, having given birth to six children and after three marriages, the woman has to face several important issues.

A list of all qualified films can be found here.