"The Balcony Movie" by Paweł Łoziński, "1970" by Tomasz Wolski, "Polański, Horowitz. Hometown" by Mateusz Kudła and Anna Kokoszka-Romer, "Judges Under Pressure" by Kacper Lisowski, and "Escape to the Silver Globe" by Kuba Mikurda all have the chance to win the title of best Polish documentary this year. And this isn’t the only Polish Film Awards category they have been nominated in.

The “Eagles” Polish Film Awards, the annual awards of the Polish Film Academy, have been organised for the Polish Film Academy by the Independent Film Foundation since 1999. The idea came from Dariusz Jabłoński, film director and producer, current President of the Polish Film Academy.

This year, nominations for the title of best documentary include Paweł Łoziński’s The Balcony Movie, Tomasz Wolski’s 1970, Mateusz Kudła and Anna Kokoszka-Romer’s Polański, Horowitz. Hometown, Kacper Lisowski’s Judges Under Pressure, and Kuba Mikurda’s Escape to the Silver Globe. The last one – together with Łoziński’s film – is also nominated for editing. The duo behind the Roman Polański and Ryszard Horowitz biopic might turn out to be the biggest discovery of the year, while author of The Balcony Movie may receive the trophy for best director.

Winners will be announced on 20 April.

All nominations can be found here (in Polish).