The documentary by Tomasz Wolski was appreciated by the American Online Film Critics Association. The film was recognised in the Non-U.S. Releases category.

Online Film Critics Society is a professional association of online film journalists, historians, and academics who publish their articles online. The organisation was founded by Karvey S. Karten in January 1997.

This year's winners include such Oscar-nominated films as Jane Campion's The Power of the Dog, Denis Villeneuve's Dune, or Ryûsuke Hamaguchi's Drive My Car. The Polish documentary by Tomasz Wolski was recognised in the Non-U.S. Releases category.

In 1970, a series of high-profile protests breaks out on the Polish coast. Workers are going on strike against price increases. More and more protesters flood the streets. Things are getting tense. Meanwhile, a crisis team is being formed in the capital. Through animated sequences combined with archival recordings of phone conversations, we get to peek behind the closed doors of dignitaries' offices. Hundreds of cigarettes are smoked. Phones are ringing incessantly. Strategies to break up protesters and dole out future repression are being planned. Propaganda activities are being devised. The protests, however, are getting out of control. We see the decision-makers' fear, confusion, and brutality. Police batons are being put to use in the streets. Shots are fired. People die. 1970 is a story of rebellion told from the oppressors' point of view.

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