Applications are now open for the next edition of CEDOC MARKET (Central European Documentary Co-production Market), which will take place as part of KFF Industry during the 61st Krakow Film Festival, under the Doc Lab Poland programme. Producers with a documentary film project in development or early production can apply. Participation in the market provides the opportunity to meet potential co-producers, as well as partners such as film funds, sales agents, distributors and festival programmers. Applications are open until 21 March 2021.

CEDOC Market (Central European Documentary Co-production Market), which is part of KFF Industry during the Krakow Film Festival, is the only co-production platform in Poland aimed at documentary film producers looking for Polish and foreign partners. Organised since 2015, the event focuses primarily on building creative cooperation between producers and creators from all over Europe. The market is part of the DOC LAB POLAND programme and takes place as part of the KFF Industry event. “Last year's edition allowed us to open up the event to Europe even more decisively. The selection included 12 Polish and 18 foreign documentary film projects, from Ukraine, the Netherlands, Estonia, Italy, France and Norway, among others. It also allowed us to attract even more foreign guests and create an effective space for creative cooperation between producers from all over Europe,” says Agnieszka Rostropowicz-Rutkowska, CEDOC Market Manager.

We invite producers with documentary film projects in the development stage or at an early stage of production to participate in CEDOC Market. It is also possible to apply for the event without a project, in which case the producer's experience in international co-productions will be taken into account. Participation in CEDOC is free. The Market participants (producers and, optionally, directors) will receive KFF Industry accreditation, allowing them to participate in all industry-related events of the festival and authorising them to enter the official KFF programme screenings. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, details of the event will be announced at a later date.


A specific feature of CEDOC Market is its dual-track approach to the meetings. On the one hand, producers have the chance to meet other potential co-producers and present their projects to one another – with each producer playing a dual role. Previous editions of the event have been attended by leading European production companies, including Artline Films (France), Kundschafter Filmproduktion (Germany), Inselfilm (Germany), Momento Films (Sweden), Tondovsky Films (Germany), House of Real (Denmark), Tuffi Films (Finland), Vernes (Czech Republic), Virc Studio (Slovenia), Lukimedia (Spain), Speak Easy Project (Hungary), Elemag Pictures (Germany), Arena (Kosovo), Marx Film (Estonia), Kijora Film (Poland), Aurora Film (Norway), Haka Films (Poland), Centrala (Poland) and Einbahnstrasse Productions (Germany). On the other hand, during CEDOC Market, producers can meet not only with other producers, but also with representatives of film funds, training programmes, sales agents and TV broadcasters. Previous editions have seen over 60 decision makers from all around the world gather at the event. Last year, some of the decision makers who met with the representatives of the qualifying projects included Adriek van Nieuwenhuijzen (head of the IDFA Forum), Tereza Šimíková (head of CPH:FORUM at the CPH:DOX festival), Yoko Imai (NHK), Erkko Lyytinen (YLE), Mehdi Bekkar from Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, Hanka Kastelicová, vice-president and executive producer of documentaries for HBO Europe, Joanna Szymańska, consultant on documentary projects at HBO Poland, Lisa Kleiner Chanoff (Catapult Film), Jhava Chikli and Melanie Rozencwajg (Archive Valley) and Biljana Tutorov (Circle Women Doc Accelerator). The project representatives also had the opportunity to take part in additional roundtable discussions on selected topics corresponding to the specifics of the films they were working on.


The call for CEDOC Market applications is open until 21 March 2021. The application form is available at this link.

Previous editions of CEDOC Market have seen the presentation of Polish productions such as Trains by Maciej Drygas, Newborn by Lidia Duda, Wika! by Agnieszka Zwiefka, Diagnosis by Ewa Podgórska, Pollywood by Paweł Ferdek, Village of Swimming Cows by Katarzyna Trzaska, An Ordinary Country by Tomasz Wolski, Opera About Poland by Piotr Stasik and The Last Expedition by Eliza Kubarska.


CEDOC Market is one of the initiatives of the Władysław Ślesicki Film Fund, whose main tasks involve supporting and promoting Polish documentary films, supporting young debuting filmmakers and organising workshops, conferences, competitions and film production. The Fund's activities include programmes such as DOC LAB POLAND, the largest Polish initiative for professional documentary filmmakers that combines substantive consultations on film projects with presentations for potential partners: producers, distributors, sales agents (CEDOC Market is also part of DOC LAB POLAND); DOC DEVELOPMENT, a programme to assist with the intensive development of documentary projects at an early stage, and IMPAKT – a programme for producers developing fictional and documentary projects.


More information about CEDOC Market is available from:
Agnieszka Rostopowicz-Rutkowska
CEDOC Market Manager
+48 500 228 298




fot. Kamila Szatan/ KFF