The short documentary film by Marcin Polar was appreciated for its sound at the British Short Sounds Film Festival.

Short Sounds Film Festival was established 18 years ago. This is the first film festival, entirely dedicated to music and sounds. To the programme, films from all around the world are invited, in which the role of the sound is as important as the one of the image. The organisers focus on diversity, and every year, the audience and the jury have a chance to watch and to listen to both documentary and feature films as well as animated films. 

The sound in the award-winning "The Tough" is the responsibility of Michał Fojcik. The documentary film by Marcin Polar is a story about the eponymous cave. The Tough carries a lot of meanings:  defiant, vicious, resistive, relentless, strong, resilient, cold, hard. There was a reason why the film's protagonist called his discovery just like this - it is a place which he has to face and whose every feature he can feel quite tangibly and literally on his own skin. It rouses his imagination and pushes him forward in an uncouth and obsessive way. Step by step, the camera participates, together with him, in the exploration of the places hitherto not known to humankind, which offer increasingly stronger resistance against the delicate human substance. The protagonist of the film is Jarosław Surmacz, one of the discoverers of the Harda Cave in the Tatra Mountains.

This year's edition of the Short Sounds Film Festival took place from the 27th to the 28th of February.

You can find more information about the festival on its official website.