This year's East Doc Platform announced awarded projects with Polish-German production project "Black Spot Karabash" among them.

East Doc Platform is an industry event dedicated to documentary film organized by the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague, accompanying the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. The Polish-German project received the IDFA Forum Award. Dorota Roszkowaska is responsible for production on the Polish side.

"Black Spot Karabash" is a creative documentary film of the renowned Russian-German director Olga Delane, who takes up one of the most important questions of our time: "How do we deal with the natural environment and why do we close our eyes to the upcoming or already existing climate disaster?" To answer this question, the director goes to a place where environmental pollution has already grown to apocalyptic proportions: to the former gold mine in the city of Karabash in the Urals, recognized as the most polluted city in the world by UNESCO in 1997. By the order of the authorities, this place is now being turned into "New Switzerland".

Is this just a cosmetic change, an element of repression that inherent in man, or maybe a real change for the most polluted city in the world? Olga Delane encounters various reactions on her journey: from paralyzing lethargy to blind activism.

As in her previous films, Olga Delane will show an exceptional and universal insight into human behavior through close encounters with protagonists, the inhabitants of Karabash. She will discover similarities to the repression mechanism we use in the face of a climate disaster threat. BLACK SPOT KARABASH will be a documentary film focused on protagonists with high aesthetic and production value.

A list of all awarded projects can be found here.