Projects that will be presented during the Public Pitch at the DocsBarcelona festival has been announced. The Polish project "Gypsy Gadji" directed by Dasa Raimanova is among the 20 selected projects.

Every year, only 20 projects are invited to Public Pitch. Selected titles are presented to industry specialists, including sales agents and professionals accredited to the festival. The pitching for which the Polish project qualified is an industry event accompanying the DocsBarcelona festival. This year's edition will be held online.

DocsBarcelona festival, held in the second half of May, is accompanied by many industry events for film professionals. One of them is the market for to artists looking for funds for their productions and pitchings.

The Polish project "Gypsy Gadji" directed by the Slovak filmmaker Dasa Raimanova was produced by Rafał Sakowski from Iris Media.

The protagonist of the documentary is Roksana half-Polish and half-Roman. It would seem that it is the perfect link between these two cultures, but it is really struggling to find a place for herself and be fully accepted by at least one of them. She looks like a warrior from the outside but suffers on the inside. She decides to take part in therapy to find her voice and her place.

More information about Public Pitch and a list of qualified projects can be found here.