The film by Jolanta Dylewska won the Golden Frog for the best docudrama presented at this year's EnergaCAMERIMAGE festival in Toruń.

The EnergaCAMERIMAGE is the largest and the most famous festival dedicated to the art of the cinematographers. Thanks to the festival, it began to be noticed that the cameraman is the co-creator of the visual side of the film, and an artist, just like the director and the actors. The EnergaCAMERIMAGE is also a great forum not only for presentations but also for discussions about the future of the art of film. By bringing together the community of the award-winning film-makers and helping the debutants and students, it allows them to discover new artistic areas.

The award-winning film   "Marek Edelman ... And There Was Love In The Ghetto"     is an extraordinary documentary film with elements of the feature-film. Imagine that the city in which you were born was divided into two parts, the better one and the worse one. You were locked in the worse one. The wall is three metres high, and ends with barbed wire and glass. If you cross it, they will kill you. If you stay, you will slowly die of hunger anyway. It happened in Eastern Europe, in Poland, in the great city of Warsaw, in the 1940s. "Why does not anyone ask whether there was love in the ghetto? Why does not anybody care?" Marek Edelman, the resistance movement activist and the last leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, asked shortly before his death in 2009. In the film, he answers these questions: in the hell of the ghetto, there could be goodness and beauty. And love. And it was the greatest value, worth even more than life. Strong, unconditional, ready for the greatest, final sacrifice and for the full dedication to another person. Body and soul. An old woman had a dream before her death, a dream in which her father came to her and beat her because she did not know how to love. May we have no such dreams. So tell your old father how much you love him. Hug tightly your wife who is getting old, hug her for a long time, all night long. Touch the hair of the girl who is waiting for you. Because the man who has gone through hell tells you that only love can save you.

You can find the list of all award-winners of this year's edition of the festival here.