The documentary film by Emilia Śniegoska won the special mention from the Kids & Docs Jury at the 22nd Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People.

The Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People is an amazing film event dedicated to young audiences. It is at the Greek festival where young people under 18 years old play the role of a part of the jurors. Both full-length feature and documentary films, as well as short animated, documentary and feature forms, wait for the audience. 

One of the awards in the best short and medium-length documentary film went to the film by Emilia Śniegoska. The documentary film "19:91" was appreciated by the Kids & Docs Jury and won the special mention. 

The awarded film is a quiet and unpretentious story about the meeting between the 19-year-old Jette from Germany and the 91-year-old Pole, Mrs Zosia. Within the frames of the year-long voluntary work which Jette carries out in Warsaw, she regularly visits Mrs Zosia, who spent her teenage years in the German concentration camp in Auschwitz and in the labour camp in Ravensbrück.

The list of all award-winning films can be found here.