The film by Matej Bobrik, “A Visit,” won the Silver Eye Award in the short film category at the East Silver Market, which ended yesterday. In the feature-length category, the Polish-Czech-Slovakian film “Gottland” received a Special Mention.

East Silver Market, which accompanies the International Documentary Film Festival in Jihlava, began last Thursday, 23 October, and ended yesterday. On Monday, 27 October, the list of the films to which the jury decided to give the Silver Eye award, was annouced. Silver Eye is the award for the producers of the best documentaries participating in the market. The winners are given a cash prize in the amount of 1500 euro, which must be used for the film’s promotion and distribution, as well as a year-long representation in East Silver Caravan, thanks to which the film is submitted to over 100 of the most important film festivals in the world.

In the short film category, the jury, consisting of: Emilie Bujès (Visions du Réel festival, Switzerland), Xavier Henry-Rashid (Film Republic, Great Britain) and Robert Zuber (HRT, Croatia) decided to give the Silver Eye award to the documentary “A Visit” by Matej Bobrik. The film was made within the frames of the “First Documentary” programme in the Munk Studio. In the justification of the verdict, we can read that the award went to “a film that succeeds in its form to parallel the emotions of its protagonists, and a film whose choreography touches delicately on a universal theme that relates to modern society.”

Special Mention in the feature-length film category went to the Polish-Czech-Slovakian co-production “Gottland,” directed by the students of the art school FAMU in Prague: Viera Čákanyova, Petr Hátle, Rozálie Kohoutova, Lukáš Kokeš, Radovan Síbrt and Klára Tasovska. The film’s producer on the Polish side is Centrala. Czech and Slovakian co-producers are: nutprodukce, Czech Television, Bfilm and FAMU. The jurors: Ben Bassauer (Monoduo Films, Germany), Rebecca De Pas (FIDMarseille, France), Ivana Pauerová Miloševičová (Czech Television) and Anne Grolleron (ARTE France) “unanimously decided to give a special mention to a film that impressed them for its daring approach to collective filmmaking where each director gives to the film a singular vision that blends into one unique universe.”

The full list of the award-winning films at East Silver Market can be found here.