The titles of the projects which will take part in DOK. Incubator 2014 workshops have been announced. One of the eight selected films is a Polish project - "The Queen of Spades" by Agnieszka Zwiefka.

The organisers of DOK. Incubator have announced the results of the selection to this year's edition of the workshops. Eight project selected to participate in DOK. Incubator 2014 have, as the organisers emphasise, “much in common: the filmmakers have already spent years working on them, they know their characters very well and have a close relationship with them. Nevertheless, they haven´t lost their critical distance and bring often very controversial testimonies."

Among the films qualified to participate in DOK. Incubator, there is a German-Polish co-production "The Queen of Spades" by Agnieszka Zwiefka, the producers of which are Chilli Productions (Poland) and Ma.ja.de. (Germany). The protagonist of the film is a 10-year old deaf Gypsy girl. Denisa - this is how the girl is called - escapes from the brutal everyday life in an illegal Gypsy settlement to the world of rhythm, dance and imagination.

Apart from "The Queen of Spades" the following film projects will take part in DOK. Incubator 2014: "Always together" by Ewa Tomanova, "Auntie” by Manu Gerosa, "The Beekeper's family" by Diedie Weng, "Drifter" by Gábor Hörcher, "The Legacy" by Tom Fassaert, "The other side of everything" by Mila Turajlic and "Promise" by Marcus Vetter.

DOK.Incubator are intensive, five-month international workshops dealing with editing, marketing and distribution. The workshops are divided into three sessions, one week each: Kraków, 54th Krakow Film Festival, (from 22 to 28 May), Bratislava/Prague - to be determined (August/September), and Leipzig, DOK Leipzig (October/November). Three best project will be awarded the DOK.Incubator Award (financing the costs of post-production to the value of 1 500 EUR for each of the award-winning projects). One project will get a grant to show the film at the International Cinema Week IFP in New York and to find potential foreign distributors and financial partners.

More information about the workshops and selected projects can be found on the website of DOK. Incubator.