The film by Maciej Drygas, "Violated Letters," will be shown in Japanese cinemas - first in Tokyo, and then in Nagoya and Osaka.

The film by Maciej Drygas "Violated Letters" will be distributed in the cinemas in Japan. The idea arose after the screenings of the film within the frames of European Film Review in Japan in June 2013, where "Violated Letters" were received by the local audience and critics in a very emotional way. As a result, from 19 April to 30 May, the film will be shown in the cinema Iwanami Hall in Tokyo. Later, there are planned screenings of the film in Nagoya and Osaka. Also, the Japanese branch of Amnesty International was interested in the film, and plans to organise special screenings in January 2015.

Polish première of "Violated Letters" took place at the 8th Planete+ Doc Film Festival in 2011, where the film participated in the Magic Hour competition for medium-length films.

About the film

The security service of Polish People's Republic controlled several millions of letters every year. Every day, specialised units dealt with unsticking the envelopes, reading and analysing private correspondence, on the basis of which reports about social sentiments were written. Somebody else's letters written during the entire period of Polish People's Republic: intimate, full of pain and despair, but also ones with threats against the authorities, and the pragmatic ones, written to arrange something, all these letters became the tissue from which moving portrait of internal life of Poles during Polish People's Republic was made. The film is made of unique archival materials.

Maciej Drygas

Director of documentary films, lecturer in Film School in Lodz, the member of Polish Film Academy, the author of the libretto of the opera "Qudsja Zaher." Together with Mirosław Dembiński, he is the originator of film workshops for film school students, which were conducted in 2011 in five cities of the world: Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Beijing and Tokyo.

[source: press release of Against Gravity]