The new documentary by Andrei Kutsila was honoured with a special mention at the just-concluded Ji.Hlava festival.

Ji.hlava International Film Festival is one of the largest documentary film festivals in Central and Eastern Europe. Every year the Czech city of Jihlava is visited by numerous industry insiders and viewers craving for new, interesting films. This year's edition of the festival was held in a hybrid form between 26 and 31 October.

The latest film by Andrei Kutsila was presented in one of the competitions. The documentary "When Flowers Are Not Silent" received a special mention in the Opus Bonum section. 

Another rigged presidential election in Belarus led to massive social outcry the likes of which the country has never seen before. The brutal suppression of peaceful protests resulted in mass marches. However, the peaceful demonstrations that have been going on for several months have not made Alexander Lukashenko step down from the office of president he's been holding for 27 years. In turn, the country saw political repression on a scale unprecedented in several decades of Europe's history. The documentary focuses on the life of Belarusian families who, despite the trauma they experienced, try to live on and still do their own thing. Their fates make us see pain and hope, feel the fear and determination of these people.

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