The Polish production of "The Ultimate Joker" directed by Krzysztof Dzieciołowski was honored with the DOK.fest München Award at this year's Documentary Campus Masterschool.

Documentary Campus Masterschool is a European workshop program that offers filmmakers access to the international documentary market. The workshop is attended by 15 teams of directors and producers who work on the development of their projects for ten months under the supervision of invited industry experts.

The workshop program consists of three 5-day sessions in various European cities. Training sessions on various aspects of film production, from storytelling and funding to marketing and distribution. Participants will also learn pitching techniques that they have the opportunity to use by participating in a public pitching of projects in front of commissioning editors of leading TV stations during the Leipzig Networking Days. After the pitching, there is one more training session devoted to creating financial strategies and financing documentary projects.

Jerzy Urban, the protagonist of Krzysztof Dzieciołowski's project, is one of the most controversial figures on the Polish political scene. A man of many faces, a complicated history and a turbulent life, who in the last years of his long life still remains a mystery to many. The director looks at his biography, and at the same time showcases Polish politics, the role of the media and what influenced contemporary Poland.

More information about Documentary Campus can be found here.