Teresa Czepiec's short film was recognized as the best short documentary of the Cuzco Underground Cinema Festival.

Cuzco Underground Cinema Festival is an intimate event taking place in extraordinary natural circumstances in the beautiful, touristic town of Cuzco in the southern part of Peru. The city and its residents are open to cinema from all over the world, screenings are held not only in the cinema, but also on the walls of buildings, which gives the event a unique character. The organizers focus on international independent cinema.

"Super Unit" by Teresa Czepiec was invited to the program of this year's 5th edition of the festival. The film was so popular that it received the award for the best short documentary.

The Super Unit is an enormous block of flats designed as an "apartment machine". Up to 3,000 people can live on the 15 floors of the building. The elevator stops every 3rd floor, so residents have to go through a real maze of corridors and stairs to get to their apartments. The main characters of the documentary are people living inside Super Unit and experiencing important moments of their lives there. Here their emotions pulsate, expectations are born and their desires are fulfilled - or not fulfilled - 762 apartment doors and 762 stories. We are only opening a few of them.

The list of all this year's winners can be found here.