The Slamdance Film Festival is one of the world's largest festivals of independent cinema. It has been organized since 1995 in Park City, Utah. The first edition of the festival was arranged by a group of subversive filmmakers whose films did not get into the Sundance festival’s programme. They felt the need to show their films, so they organized their own event with the motto "By Filmmakers, For Filmmakers".

Silent Love is a subtle and tender story about the strength of the family, taking up new roles and redefining the old ones; about the fact that, having the courage to love, we have to face our fears.

After the death of her mother, 35-year-old Agnieszka decides to take her teenage brother Miłosz under her wings. She starts to perform the roles both of his mother and father. She has to prove to the court and officials that she is suitable as a legal guardian for her brother. There is however something that she hides from him – her long-term relationship with Maja. In front of our eyes a new, an unconventional family is being built, surrounded by a small, conservative environment of a Polish village.

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