We've learned the program of one of the most important documentary and animated film festivals. It's going to be a very Polish edition of DOK Leipzig. There are several domestic productions among those invited into the main program.

DOK Leipzig is one of the major events in the world of documentary and animated film. The latest productions from several dozen countries are presented each year in Leipzig. This year, more than 3000 films have been submitted to DOK Leipzig. Of that number, a total of 255 films from 55 countries, including 15 Polish productions.

Misaligned by Marta Magnuska and This Will Not Be a Festival Film by Julia Orlik will both compete for the title of best animated short. The audience award is up for grabs for "Slow Light" by the Kijek/Adamski duo. Two more Polish films can be found in the documentary competition – Revolution 21 by Martyna Peszko and The Hamlet Syndrome by Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski. The former also has the chance to win the Young Eyes Film Award and MDR-Filmpreis while the duo's film is also competing for Filmpreis Leipziger Ring as well as MDR-Filmpreis.

The Doc Alliance Award section will feature The Pawnshop by Łukasz Kowalski, will Panorama will screen Headprickles by Katarzyna Miechowicz, Silent Love by Marek Kozakiewicz and Uncle Vakho's Dream by Joanna Roj. The Dancing in the Dark section also features animated classics, including Andrzej Pawłowski's Kineforms and Mieczysław Waśkowski's Attention! Painting. Catherine K. Pieróg's "Sister" will be waiting for children at Kids DOK.

In turn, 5x5 Shorts from the East presents the most interesting, well-known, and award-winning short productions. There are four Polish films in this exclusive group: Bless You! by Paulina Ziółkowska, The Tough by Marcin Polar, The Vibrant Village by Weronika Jurkiewicz, and Volte by Monika Kotecka and Karolina Poryzała.

The festival will be held from 17 to 23 October. Its complete programme is available on the DOK Leipzig website.