At the end of last year, we got to know the list of documentary projects selected to participate in East Doc Platform and East Doc Market. Polish projects are also among the titles eligible for both programs.

East Doc Platform is an industry event devoted to documentary film organised by the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague, accompanying the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

The upcoming edition will be held from 26 March to 1 April 2022. During the event a number of prizes will go to the best projects still in development from among all those participating in the East Doc Platform.

East Doc Forum is an event created for producers who are working on projects that are in the development or production and are looking for funding. The East European Forum will include 5-day workshops, as well as pitch sessions, one-to-one meetings, and discussions.

There are two Polish productions among the 8 selected projects:

5 Pills Away (dir. Karolina Domaglaska, prod. Katarzyna Ślesicka, PL, DE)
Pianoforte (dir. Jakub Piątek, prod. Maciej Kubicki, PL)

The list of 12 projects selected from the Ex Oriente Film project also includes two titles from Poland.

Man of Marble (dir. Szymon Kuriata, prod. Aneta Zagórska, PL)

The World is Not (a) Mine (dir. Natalia Koniarz, prod. Maciej Kubicki, PL)

East Doc Market is a two-day event that was established to help documentary filmmakers contact decision makers from film festivals, TV stations, film funds, distribution firms, etc. It's held in the form of pre-arranged one-to-one meetings and are open to film projects at every stage of production.

It too features a Polish project:

The One I Love (dir. Paweł Hejbudzki, prod. Justyna Przybylska & Filip Luft, PL)

A list of all selected productions can be found here.