The Slovenian-Italian-Polish project “Cent´anni” directed by Maja Prelog has been included in the Cannes Docs section of the special Docs in Progress – Showcase Circle Women workshop.

Cannes Docs is aimed at documentary filmmakers – both directors and decision makers from the industry. The workshop organisers aim to promote documentary films, but it is equally important for them to support filmmakers in their activities.

This year, the Slovenian-Italian-Polish production “Cent´anni”, directed by Maja Prelog, was invited to participate in the workshops. The film tells the story of Blaž – a filmmaker and cycling enthusiast who once aspired to participate in the great Italian cycling race. Unfortunately, an illness interrupted his plans. After a bone marrow transplant, he made a new one. He now wants to live at least until his hundredth birthday. The film is Blaž's bicycle journey through individual stages of Giro d’Italia and an opportunity to reflect on his “bygone reality” – the fight against leukaemia. The film's production is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

You can read more about Cannes Docs here.