Kasia Mateja and Małgorzata Goliszewska were honored with the Best Director Award at the Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer.

Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer is a relatively new festival aimed at promoting independent documentary films from around the world. The organizers created the festival to be a space where artists, experts and viewers will meet together.

What distinguishes the Moscow festival from many similar events are awards. The most important are those awarded to filmmakers, incl. directors, cinematographers and editors. And it was the award for the best directing that went to the duo of authors of the documentary "Lesson Of Love".

The film itself follows the story of 70-year-old Jola, who takes an important step after half a century - flees Italy, from a marital nightmare and comes back to her native Szczecin. There, she finally lives as she always dreamed: she dances, sings, writes poems and songs. Her lyrics are about a love she has never known. In Jola's eyes, the world is romantic, colorful and dramatic. One night on the dance floor in Cafe Uśmiech she meets Wojtek - an older man who falls madly in love with. All Jola's friends, as well as her six children, urge her to divorce Bogdan, an alcoholic who stayed in Italy. Only the priest tries to dissuade her, claiming that she should forgive and remain faithful to the end. Jola hesitates and doesn't know what to do. Face a difficult divorce and remarry? Or maybe just live in the moment and not go back to the past? Will Jola dare to live her life? And will she finally do what she wants and not what others expect of her?

Not only the directors of the film "Lesson of Love" left Moscow with awards. The short documentary by Staś Cuske also received a special award there.

The protagonists of the awarded "The End Of The Season" are an elderly couple who set out on a cruise on the lakes. They both spent their entire lives on these waters. The closed space of the yacht provokes reflection on the future, but also on what has passed. In the evenings old melodies resound.

More information about the festival can be found on its website.