The nominees for this year's Focal Awards have been revealed. Among them, there is the documentary film by Magdalena Szymków "I'm Writing To You, My Love."

The Focal Awards are granted for the unique use of archival materials in various film forms, beginning with advertisements, through sports or music films to feature films. The documentary film by Magdalena Szymków "I'm Writing To You, My Love" is nominated in the short film category: "The Best Use of Footage in a Short Film Production."

The documentary film was made using the found footage convention. The summer of 1968. A mosaic of various archival materials and memories from the wedding of a certain married couple, whose happiness is overshadowed by the Warsaw Pact troops’ invasion of Czechoslovakia. Soon after the wedding, the groom is subject to mobilization. In the background of the dramatic events, there are the beaches in Sopot, the song festival in Opole and the anxious cyphertexts by the informers. The accusatory voice of Władysław Gomułka, the first secretary of the Polish United Workers' Party, is intertwined with carefree, holiday songs.

The FOCAL award ceremony is held on the 20th of June in London. The full list of the nominees can be found here.