The project "Portrait of Europe" by Filip Jacobson qualified for the programme Euro Connection. It is a co-production forum for short films, which is held during the film market in Clermont-Ferrand. The forum is addressed to the producers of short feature films, creative documentary films and animated films.

The nearest edition of Euro Connection is held from February 5 to 6, 2019 during the largest international Short Film Market in Clermont-Ferrand. Just like every year, the event is preceded by a session preparing for presentation, and after the pitching, meetings and individual consultations are held. During the next year's edition, 14 projects will be shown, selected by the jury from among all which are submitted by the individual partner countries. One of these projects is the documentary film "Portrait of Europe" by Filip Jacobson, produced by Furia Film.

The documentary film is a portrait of Europe from the outside - from the perspective of Japanese tourists. Recorded on their holiday videos. Found footage allows a deep reflection and serves as a distorted mirror. It will be contrasted with observations on Europe described in the Japanese travel literature, diaries and blogs. How does Europe look from the outside? What happens when it’s not perceived as multinational and diverse, when all those complicated elements of the European identity get mixed and confused?

Participation in Euro Connection is an outstanding opportunity for flourishing producers interested in international co-production, searching for partners for making their short film projects. Year by year, the programme enjoys increasing popularity, and Polish producers participate in it on a regular basis. Participation in the forum makes it possible to meet over 150 foreign producers, representatives of television channels and institutions financing short films.

The co-ordinator of the programme in Poland is Krakow Film Foundation.

You can find more information about the project here.