On Monday evening, March 20, there was the awards ceremony of Polish Film Academy. The statuette of the Eagle for the best documentary film went to "Communion" by Anna Zamecka. The best music award, however, went to Mikołaj Trzaska, the protagonist of the documentary film "The Internal Ear."

On March 20, in Polish Theatre, the Eagle statuettes were awarded for the nineteenth time, but it was only the fifth time when documentary productions also competed for the awards. The Eagle Award for the Best Documentary Film was given by the members of the Academy to "Communion," directed by Anna Zamecka.  Other films nominated in the same category were "Call Me Marianna" by Karolina Bielawska and "Brothers" by Wojciech Staroń.

"Communion" is a documentary film about 14-year-old Ola, who not only takes care of the ineffective father, autistic brother and the mother who lives separately; but most of all, she tries to bring the family together. She lives with the hope that she would be able to bring her mother back home. The pretext to meet her is the Holy Communion of the 13-year-old Nikodem, and Ola assumes full responsibility for preparing an ideal family celebration. Nikodem himself observes the struggles of his loved ones from his own, unusual perspective.  

However, it was not the only documentary film element during the Gala. The best music award went to Mikołaj Trzaska for the film "Hatred". The jazz musician is the protagonist of the documentary film "The Internal Ear" by Szymon Uliasz and Magdalena Gubała, made last year.

"The Internal Ear"is about improvisation, but it is not the only thing that matters; it is a story about meetings of various musicians, different personalities in the creative process. It is a story about fulfilled dream of a man, who gave up his art studies and took the risk - he started to play the saxophone and gradually discovers his capabilities and limitations. He co-operates with musicians from all over the world, with artists of various provenance. We watch how he traverses the path he chose in such a way, we accompany him during his work, during meetings and conversations with his friends. The formal side of the film is subordinated to music, its changeable and often broken rhythms.

The full list of award-winners can be found on the website of Polish Film Academy