On March 11, ended the Egyptian festival Sharm El-Sheikh Arab & European Film Festival. Among the award-winners, there is the film "Close Ties" by Zofia Kowalewska.

Sharm El-Sheikh Arab & European Film Festival is an annual event, during which the latest Arab and European films are shown in the competition sections. During this edition of the event, the special jury award SILVER DJED Pillar for the best director went to Zofia Kowalewska for her film "Close Ties."

In its verdict, the jury emphasises that they were deeply moved by this bitter-sweet documentary film which got the viewers involved in the complicated relationship between the protagonists to such an extent. The natural atmosphere makes both the protagonists and the audience forget about the presence of the camera.

"Close Ties" tells the story of the forty-fifth wedding anniversary. Barbara and Zdzisław could have been proud of themselves had it not been for the fact that the husband had abandoned his wife for his mistress for eight years. However, now they spend their old age together - though, as Barbara claims, if it was not for his aching legs, Zdzisław would still "kick about in Krakow." In spite of the former injuries, everyday problems with the accounting, the busy bathroom and moving the furniture, they are connected by a bond which is hard to define.

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