On March 19, the winners of Indian World Film Festival were announced. As many as two awards went to the film "A Brave Bunch. Children of Warsaw Uprising" by Tomasz Stankiewicz.

Indian World Film Festival, which is the member of the festival family Miniboxoffice, was held in Hajdarabad for the 17th time. Every year, it shows independent films from all over the world. This year, the documentary film "A Brave Bunch. Children of Warsaw Uprising" by Tomasz Stankiewicz was invited to the programme. The film returns from India with as many as two awards: the Best Documentary Award and the Best Editing Award (editor: Karol Moch).

The film tells about the Warsaw Uprising through the eyes of the youngest participants of these events. "A Brave Bunch" is an extraordinary film, primarily because of the people who star in it. The witnesses and participants of the Uprising appear on the screen: Barbara Rybeczko-Tarnowiecka - "Basia," Halina Stańczak-Kryska - "Halusia," Bogusław Kamola - "Hipek," Jerzy Grzelak - "Pilot," Stanisław Wołczaski - "Kazimierz." "Halinka" saved dogs and cats from the uprising. "Kazimierz" was a newsagent and he observed the arrival of the formations of the American flying fortresses. "Hipek" was a member of the famous scouting troop of sewer rats. Jureczek was nine years old and was the youngest sworn soldier of the Home Army. He served in the district of Mokotów, and after this district fell, he was hiding in the basements. They are accompanied by contemporary children: Jaś, Staś, Stefanek and Zosia.

You can read more about the festival on its website.