The documentary by Hanna Polak won two awards at the Tarkovsky Film Festival, which has just ended. "Something better to come" was honoured with Small Mirror and Special Award Club 418.

The Film Festival "Zerkalo" was established in 2007 to honour the 75th anniversary of Andrei Tarkovsky's birth. Since 2010, director Pavel Lugin is the festival's director. Every year, over 50 industry meetings are held here, about 150 films are shown, watched by almost 25 thousand viewers.

Documentary films were assessed by the Jury consisting of: Pavel Kaplevitch, Alina Rudnitskaya, Sergey Choban under the chairmanship of Krzysztof Gierat, the director of Krakow Film Festival and the president of Krakow Film Foundation.

"Something better to come" tells a story of an 11-year-old Jula, who lives on the Svalka, the largest dumping ground in Europe, 20 km away from the centre of Moscow. The area, surrounded by a wall and controlled by the guards, is supposed to be free from all kinds of intruders. However, there is a small group of people who live there and make a small community, deprived of the rights. These people are Jula's closest family. She leads her life here, and here Jula dreams about future far away from the dumping ground.