Matej Bobrik's new film project will be presented at the Ji.Hlava New Visions Forum. This is not the only Polish flourish at the industry part of the Czech festival.

Ji.Hlava New Visions Forum&Market is a special trade fair and forum organised on the occasion of the 25th edition of the Ji.Hlava festival. This event aims to support new European documentary productions in their diversity and creativity.

As part of the Ji.Hlava New Visions Forum, a pitching will take place with 20 selected projects from Europe to be presented. Ten of them are to be at the development stage while the rest are in production or even post-production. Among the selected projects there is one from Poland. Namely, the documentary Guest Worker by Matej Bobrik.

The protagonist of the film is 13-year-old Nikesh, who comes to Poland with his parents Shiva and Shushila. The boy took a liking to Warsaw. He's got friends and lives like a young European. His mother and father cannot imagine living in a new country, while the son doesn't want to return to his homeland. Shiva would very much like to bring up his son according to traditional Nepalese principles, which is met with resistance from the teenager. The documentary is produced by Koi Studio.

The presentation of the project isn't the only Polish presence at the festival. Stanisław Zaborowski, producer from Silver Frame will be one of the panellists at the Visegrad Accelator. It is also worth mentioning that Karolina Śmigiel is among the Emerging Producers this year. You can read more about it here.

The list of all invited projects can be found on the festival website.