Couch Fest Films is a unique festival. Unique are also the prizes that it awards. One of them - the Best Experimental Documentary Award – was given to Krzysztof Kadłubowski for his short film "Returns".

Celebrating its fourth annual year in 2011, Couch Fest Films is a unique and perhaps the world's only festival that takes place in private homes of people, who are willing to receive guests-spectators and watch festival films together in a "homely", cozy atmosphere. The event took place in a total of 38 residential venues around the world, including 10 in Reykjavik, where the idea of ​​Couch Fest Films was born, and 3 in Poland (in Warsaw and Wrocław). On Saturday, September 24th, 2011, each host house participating in Couch Fest Films presented a unique program that consisted of films selected by the organisers before the event.

Couch Fest Films awards its prizes. In addition to the traditional awards for the best film of the festival, the best animation or the best short, films may also win prizes in categories such as “Best Super 8mm”, “Best Love Story”, “Best Claymation” and “Best Alternative Lifestyle”.

Among this year's winners of Couch Fest Films is Krzysztof Kadłubowski’s film "Returns", considered the best experimental documentary.

This short black-and-white film is a record of events that took place after 10 April 2010, one of the most important dates in modern Polish history. On that day, 96 people, including the Polish president and government representatives died in a plane crash near Smoleńsk, Russia. We observe all the intricate choreography, which turns out to be a rehearsal for the ceremony. On their shoulders the soldiers carry invisible coffins in front of invisible spectators and carefully place them on special racks - all to the rhythm of Chopin’s ‘Funeral March’.

More about the film can be found here.

More about the festival at: www.couchfestfilms.com.