The documentary by Aga Borzym was recognised at the Porto/Post/Doc festival. The film received the Teenage Award.

Porto/Post/Doc is a Portuguese festival established in 2014 and aimed at audiences of various ages and diverse film tastes. The organisers have set out to increase the audience in Porto cinemas, promote local film production, and create a major international event that would screen the most interesting documentaries from around the world.

This year's program has featured several Polish productions. One of them was Girls' Stories. The young audience was captivated by Aga Borzym's film and gave it the Teenage Award.

There's nothing better than spending time with a friend! Sleepovers in the garden and hours spent in the backyard – no one will understand us as well as she does and – in addition – you can talk about everything with her. About first loves and your relation with parents. About the perception of your own body and the imminent first menstruation. About school and its strange rules and prohibitions. Jagoda and Zuzia are sincere, full of positive energy, and ready to conquer the world! This body-positive and de-shaming film tells the story of what it's like to be a girl growing up, and you can't get away from the conversations between the two charismatic heroines.

The list of all awarded films can be found here.