We now know the projects that have been invited to this year's edition of the doc.incubator workshops. Among them there are Polish productions – 5 Pills Away by Karolina Domagalska and Just Hear Me Out by Małgorzata Imielska, as well as the Polish-Finnish co-production The Eternal War.

DOK.Incubator is an intensive six-month international workshop focusing on editing, marketing, and distribution. The workshops are divided into three week-long sessions: the first will take place at the end of April in the Czech Republic, the next in June in Slovakia, and the last in September in Sweden.

This year's edition of the workshops is going to feature numerous Polish productions. The first is Karolina Domagalska's 5 Pills Away, produced by Anna Stylińska. It's a highly relevant project, telling the story of the events from October 2020 when the Polish government introduced an almost total ban on abortion, sparking massive protests among women. A helpline offering safe abortion then became a symbol of the revolution, marking a turning point for Natalia, Karolina, Justyna, and Kinga, who took on the state's responsibility of providing access to safe procedures.

The next project is a new film by Małgorzata Imielska. Just Hear Me Out is produced by Adrianna Redzia. It's the story of 19-year-old Gosia, who has spent her entire adolescence in a locked ward, being treated for fully symptomatic, drug-resistant paranoid schizophrenia. However, she is soon to leave the hospital for the first time and return to her home in Białystok. Gosia hopes that she will soon be able fulfil her dream of studying in in Warsaw, proving that the voices in her head have no control over her.

Among the selected films there is also the Finnish-Polish production The Eternal War. The film does not yet have a director, but Pertti Veijalainen is will be producing it.

The list of all qualified projects can be found here.