The film by Wojtek Kozakiewicz was recognised by the jury at this year's MountainFilm Graz International Film Festival.

International Mountain & Adventure Filmfestival Graz was founded in 1986 by avid mountaineer and filmmaker Robert Schauer. Initially resembling a gathering of enthusiasts and professionals, the festival went on to become an annual event and attract a wider audience. 

This year, one of the films that the festival audience got to see was the documentary The Way directed by Wojtek Kozakiewicz. The production received an honourable mention.

Kraków's mountain climbing scene has always been full of people from the worlds of science, culture, and art. For many, the sport was a window on the world. The invisible force that draws you into sports is like a drug. At times it all seems pointless, but without it everything else loses its sense too. Whether you're representing your country internationally, rock climbing, or just doing it to push your limits – it sets the rhythm of your life.

Work and passion. Sports and art. Contradictions and contrasts that form a single personality. A black-and-white journey into the life of a man of many talents.

The list of all this year's winners can be found here.