The film by Kuba Mikurda was recognised by the audience of the Imagine Fantastic Film Festival in the Netherlands.

The Imagine Fantastic Film Festival is a film event dedicated to genre cinema, especially horror, science fiction, or experimental animation, which has been taking place for almost 40 years. Its program is packed to the brim with film screenings, masterclasses, workshops, themed activities, and meetings with filmmakers. 

This year Kuba Mikurda's documentary has received an invitation. The audience liked Escape to the Silver Globe enough to grant it an award. 

It's a documentary about Polish cinema's greatest mystery and greatest unfulfilled dream. Andrzej Żuławski's On the Silver Globe could have been one of the most ground-breaking science-fiction films in history. Enormous production values, a star-studded cast, revolutionary costumes and set design heralded a masterpiece. Why, then, did the communist cinema authorities halt production two weeks before the end of filming? Was it simply due to budget reasons? Political ones? Artistic? Personal? What remains is a legendary film that continues to inspire filmmakers from all over the world. And the emotions of the crew. As strong today as they were forty years ago.

You can find out more about the festival here.