A project of Lidia Duda's new film will be presented at the Ji.Hlava New Visions Forum.

Ji.hlava New Visions Forum&Market is a special edition of the market and forum organised to mark the 25th edition of the Ji.hlava festival. Te purpose of the event is to support new, European documentary productions – with all their diversity and creativity.

A pitch session will be held during the Ji.Hlava New Visions Forum where only 16 select projects from Europe will be presented. Eight are still in development while the rest are in production or even post-production. There is one project from Poland in the chosen group. It's the new documentary by Lidia Duda. Forest is produced by Adrianna Rędzia from Aura Films.

Joasia and Marek ran away from the evils of the world into their “paradise” – they bought an old house in the Białowieża Forest, right by Poland's eastern border. Three children come into this world – Marysia, Ignacy, and Franek. The children grow up surrounded by nature. They have happy childhoods. A loving mom and a caring father. But one day their forest changes. Strangers show up. Outsiders. Cold, often sick, hungry, lost, unwanted… refugees. And then another word appears in the children's coversations – “war”. Big politics knocks at their door, and they can't handle it. They have to redefine good and evil.

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