The documentary project by Szymon Kuriata received the Eave Producers Workshops Award at this year's When East Meets West.

When East Meets West is a co-production forum organised by the Trieste Film Festival and the FVG Audiovisual Fund. It is a meeting place for filmmakers from various parts of Europe and the world that enables opportunities for international cooperation. The forum was attended by institutions that finance film production, decision-makers from film festivals and TV broadcasters, as well as projects selected over the application process. The next edition of When East Meets West will be held on 24–28 January.

The awarded project – Man of Marble – is a bittersweet story about love and struggle. Remik is fighting for the love of Magda and their son Franek while facing alcohol addiction. Magda – his ex-partner and a very young mother – has to grow up quickly to look after their baby. Together, will they manage to break out of the family's vicious cycle of alcohol addiction and give Franek a better life? Katarzyna Kuca and Aneta Zagórska from the Krakow Film Cluster are producing the film.

The Polish project was previously presented as part of Docs to Start.

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