The documentary by Tomasz Knittel won the Czech Crystal award for best documentary programme dedicated to music, dance and theatre at the 58th edition of the Golden Prague International Television Festival.

Golden Prague International Television Festival has been awarded since the mid-1960s. Its aim is to acknowledge the most interesting television productions from the Czech Republic and other European countries. 

This year one of the awards went to a Polish documentary by Tomasz Knittel. Traditional country music knows no notes. It lives and resonates as long as its performers, and they are slowly passing away. In “The Agony” we observe the twilight of this reality through the eyes of singer and instrumentalist Adam Strug. It's a cinematic story about an attempt at stopping time but also about the slow distortion of a once diverse musical phenomenon: about commercialism and simplification eating away at what is real. Agony is a road film, leading the viewer through Poland's various regions and diverse musical traditions. It's a multi-layered story about love, bitterness, life, and passing.

A list of all winners can be found here.