A documentary film "Concerto for Two" by Tomasz Drozdowicz will hit Polish cinemas on 12 April.

"Concerto for Two" by Tomasz Drozdowicz is a colourful story about an outstanding conductor, pianist and composer Jerzy Maksymiuk, as well as an intimate description of a special relation between him and his wife Ewa.

Conductor Jerzy Maksymiuk and his wife Ewa make a unique couple. The charismatic maestro, so successful in a music world, in his everyday life seems to be completely helpless and lost without the help of his wife, who supports him in the simplest of things and makes for him numerous life choices. The camera follows the artist while he works with great musicians and orchestras, and also shows the fascinating world of a genius composer consumed to the brink of insanity by musical scores.   

The director Tomasz Drozdowicz created a portrait of an artist, which is filled with anecdotes set in the backstage of concert halls in which the greatest composers' pieces are being performed. But most of all he showed a story of love, passion and talent.

Jerzy Maksymiuk was born in Grodno. His music studies resulted in three diplomas: in piano playing, composing and conducting. He was a founder of Polish Chamber Orchestra, which was considered one of the best orchestras in the world. He performed in the most prestigious concert halls around the world. He recorded around 100 albums and composed music for dozens of films, including the one he values most – the score for Wojciech Has' film "The Hourglass Sanatorium".

Tomasz Drozdowicz graduated in Film Directing from the Faculty of Radio and Television at University of Silesia in Katowice. He directed documentary films, including "Kolba, na szczęście!", "Zupa na puentach", and a fiction film "Fur", as well as numerous music videos, TV series and television plays.

"Concerto for Two" was produced by Autograf Film Studio and presented at Docs to Go! session, which was a part of DOC LAB POLAND project, during the 2016 Festival.

The Polish premiere of the film took place during the 58th Krakow Film Festival. The film took part in the international documentary competition and national competition.

The film is distributed by Myfly.