This month will bloom with festival screenings. Polish short documentary films will be presented at various festivals including Visions du Reel in Switzerland, Go Short in Holland and Moscow IFF in Russia.

Festivals in April will begin with the screening of "Their Voices" by Eri Mizutani at Bethlehem Student Film Festival in Palestine. The next day Aspen ShortFest will star in the USA where the audience will see Aleksandra Maciejczyk's short documentary "Connected". The film will also visit USHQYN Student Film Festival in Kazakhstan and Trento Film Festival in Italy.

Also in the first half of the month Go Short Festival will take place in Holland where the audience will see Agata Baugmart's documentary "Love 404" and "Dam" by Natalia Koniarz. Natalia Koniarz's film was also invited to DOKer Moscow International Documentary Film Festival. Another Polish documentary presented in Russia will be "Diagnosis" by Ewa Podgórska; the film will also visit Frames of Representation Festival in the UK.

"Dust" by Jakub Radej was included in the programme of Cortex Short Film Festival in Portugal, and "The Briefing" by Filip Drzewiecki - in the programme of It’s All True in Brazil. "The Wind. A Documentary Thriller" by Michał Bielawski will have this month its world premiere – the film will be shown at Visions du Reel in Switzerland. Also in Switzerland but this time OtherMovie Lugano Festival will present "Leocadia's Dream" by Krzysztof Nowicki.

"Dessert Coffee" by Mikael Lypinski is awaiting two screenings in April – the film can be seen at DocsPuebla in Mexico and MEDIAWAVE in Hungary. The latter festival will also show Jacek Bławut's documentary "How to Destroy Time Machines".

Polish documentary films will not miss Germany – Dresden FilmFest will present "Euphoria" by Natalia Pietsc; whereas in France FIDE Festival will show "The Castle" by Tadeusz Kabicz.

In the second half of the month Polish productions will travel to Asia. "Horse Riders" by Anna Gawlita will be presented at Busan International Short Film Festival in Korea, and "In a Lion" by Karol Lindholm - at European on Screen in Indonesia. In the meantime, "I Grew Up as You Slept" by Marcin Sauter will take part in TRT Documentary Awards in Turkey.

An up-to-date list of festival screenings is available here