After the announcements from the festival program, it's time to take a look at the industry section of the IDFA festival. There are two Polish projects among the submissions – Flowers of Ukraine, by Adelina Borets, Son of Streets by Mohammed Almughanni and Hole in the Wall by Arjun Talwar.

IDFA Forum will be held from 12 to 15 November as part of the IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. The Forum is looking forward to artistic, innovative documentary projects with international potential. IDFA Forum is the perfect place for producers looking for partners to co-finance or co-produce a film, as well as distributors and sales agents.

This year, IDFA Forum invited the Polish-Ukrainian production Flowers of Ukraine by Adelina Borets. It tells the story of Natalia, who lives in the centre of Kiev with two husbands – a Ukrainian and a Russian. The woman is defending her place on Earth against housing developers, but the real fight begins after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine begins. The film has been produced by Glib Lukianets from Gogol Film and by Natalia Grzegorzek. The second project is Hole in the Wall by Arjun Talwar. The director observes one of the streets in downtown Warsaw, thus documenting his bittersweet relationship with Poland. As a dark-skinned foreigner, he faces numerous difficulties, including a conservative and homogeneous society. The film has been produced by Karolina Śmigiel from UNI-SOLO studio. And the third title is Son of Streets by Mohammed Almughanni. The protagonist of the project is a boy who fights for his better future.

A list of all qualified projects can be found here.