The documentary by Jan Borowiec was recognised during the recently completed Master of Art festival in Bulgaria.

Held in three Bulgarian cities, Master of Art Film Festival is a cultural event absolutely unique in this part of Europe. The festival is entirely dedicated to documentaries about art. The productions presented in its program approach the issue of art very broadly – viewers get the opportunity to watch films devoted to both contemporary art and works from centuries ago. There's no shortage of films about artists, the history of cinema, or ones celebrating the diversity of the artistic world. This year's edition started on 25 August and ended on 12 September. The event was held in Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna.

The film by Jan Borowiec was named the best short film of the festival. The titular “Glass Negatives” were found in the attic of a tenement house in Lublin. They portray the local Jewish community and bring about a fascinating journey through time and space. The attempt to unravel the mystery of their origin leads to surprising discoveries. The photos brought back to life show a world as fragile as a sheet of glass, and one which was to disappear shortly thereafter – shattered into millions of pieces. Thanks to the photographs, eyewitness accounts, and the suggestive music by the band Kroke, we can put it back together if only for just a moment.

You can read more about the festival here.