Łukasz Czajka's film was appreciated by the jurors of this year's edition of the Italian Bellaria Film Festival and received the Bei Doc award.

Bellaria Film Festival was founded in 1983 and is one of the first film events in Italy that is entirely devoted to independent cinema. Currently, the program includes numerous non-competition sections and two competitions. The main Bei Doc competition is dedicated to documentaries up to 60 minutes, and Bei Doc Young to those shorter under 30 minutes.

It was this first competition that Łukasz Czajka's film was invited to. The documentary "Of Animals And Men" is a story about the capital's zoo during World War II. During the war, humans are the most endangered species. During the occupation, 300 people, mostly Jews, were hiding in the Warsaw Zoo under the watchful eye of the Germans. Using staged scenes with animals, conversations with survivors and archives, we will revive the surreal atmosphere of those events.

More information about the festival can be found here.