'Our Curse', nominated for the Academy Award, has been appreciated once again. This time, the film was chosen the Best School/University Documentary Film at the Irvine International Film Festival.

The list of awards for the documentary film  'Our Curse' by Tomasz Śliwinski keeps on growing. On January 23, the film was honoured as the best documentary made by students at the Irvine International Film Festival. The festival is held in Laguna Hills, Orange County, California.  The competitions at the Irvine IFF include films in which their makers use the camera to tell personal stories.

In his film, Tomasz Śliwiński directs the camera at himself and his family. The director documents the first months of his family's life after the birth of his son. The boy is ill with a very rare, incurable disease, called Ondine's Curse (congenital central hypoventilation syndrome, CCHS). People afflicted with this disease stop breathing during sleep and require life-long use of respirator to support their respiratory functions. At the beginning of the film, the boy is still in hospital, but soon comes home with the entire medical equipment, necessary for his life. The film shows the process of getting accustomed to the fear related to this disease and the gradual adaptation to this new situation.

More information about the festival and the full list of award-winners is available here.