Magdalena Kowalczyk – ”The Tailor Woman”Tales of the woman’s passions, disillusioned hopes and various experiences of life, spun at her sewing machine in a tiny tailor’s shop.Thierry Paladino – ”The Shopkeeper”An all-goods store at the local mentally disabled old folks' institution. All sorts of customers visit the store – some just to do shopping, others, for instance, to sing a song.Edyta Wróblewska – ”The Fire Alarm”The peace of the local old folks' institution is disturbed by a raid of fire trucks. An evacuation begins. Is the danger that serious?Kalina Alabrudzińska – “The Orchard Owner”The owner of the orchard, walking between his trees, recalls tragic events from the past.Jakub Piątek – ”The Teacher”A fascinating portrait of a high school physics teacher and at the same time an amateur musician, who tries to pass on his outlook on life to his pupils. He compares Mozart’s masterpieces to Maxwell’s equations’ notation and sees evidence for God’s existence in walks with his granddaughter and Bach’s symphonies. Anna Skorupa - ”The Drummer Girl”A sixteen-year-old girl takes a walk around the small town of Góra Kalwaria in search for sounds that would help her prepare for her first important concert.Felix Hassenfrantz – ”The Shopkeepers”A group of local retailers prepare for the ‘open day’ event – they invite customers, prepare special snacks. They hope to attract more customers and to stimulate the sleepy town’s centre.Katrin Hohendahl – ”The Hospital”The former hospital building is about to be transformed into an old folks’ house. We take a look at it through the eyes of its former patient and the old house’s future resident. Daniel Siegel / Florian Wimmer – ”The Hairdresser”The hairdresser has been running the salon for 30 years now and she treats her clients as her family – she collects their photos in an album, invites them for tea.Clemente Fernandez-Gil – ”200 square metres of Germany”The director portrayed his parents, a couple of Spanish immigrants, who look after an old German lady’s villa. She has been paralysed for some time now. Although they have been working here for several dozen years, they still do not feel at home in Germany. Anna Shirin Wahle – ”Alexander”A four-year-old Russian orphan goes to a German kindergarten. He is wild at heart and does everything his way to spite the teachers, who try to instil him with some discipline. Nancy Mac-Granaky-Quaye – ”The Singer”A young girl tries to overcome her shyness through singing and dancing classes. She is sixteen and full of dreams that she hopes will come true.


Thierry Paladino, Felix Hassenfratz, Edyta Wróblewska, Kalina Alabrudzińska, Anna Skorupa, Jakub Piątek, Katrin Hohendahl, Anna Shirin Wahle, Daniel Siegel / Florian Wimmer, Clemente Fernandez-Gil, Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye
Wojciech Staroń, Felix Hassenfratz, Paweł Sobczyk, Renè Klaus, Pierre Pasler, Sara Hornäk, Daniel Krüger, Christina Freitag, Clemente Fernandez-Gil
Anna Dymek, Andrzej Dąbrowski, Agnieszka Kowalczyk, Michał Żytkowski, Felix Hassenfratz, Nina von Guttenberg, Bettina Pogarel, Leonard Lierzer, Simone Geidl, Jonas Heiks, Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye
Mistrzowska Szkoła Reżyserii Filmowej Andrzeja Wajdy (obecnie: Wajda Studio), Internationale Filmschule Köln

Thierry Paladino »

Was born 24 July 1981 in Nice, France. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Marseille and Aix-en-Provence and also the Documentary Course at the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. With others graduates from the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing – Maciej Cuske, Marcin Sauter and Piotr Stasik - he created a film group called “PALADINO”.

Edyta Wróblewska »

Graduated from Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing and Camerimage Film School in Poland. Also graduated from Warsaw School of Economics and French Institute of Management. For several years she has been working for media companies (Agora S.A., Wizja TV, AtomicTV, The Warsaw Voice). In 2006 she took part in Berlinale Talent Campus. Her filmmaking experience includes directing, scriptwriting and production. Her documentary films were screened at many international film festivals (Toronto, New York, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, London, Sheffield, Nice, Zagreb, Kiev, Guangzhou, Melbourne, Cracow, Wroclaw and many more). A member of Polish Filmmakers Association. 

Kalina Alabrudzińska »

born in 1983 in Płock. Director and scriptwriter. Graduated from Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. Finishing master studies at Directing Departement in Lodz Film School. Her short films were presented at many international film festivals: Berlinale, MFF New Horizons, San Sebastian Film Festival, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival and many more.

Anna Skorupa »

Born in 1973 in Warsaw. She gradated from Warsaw Uniwersity. She used to work as an actress. graduated from the Documentary Course at the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. She  took part in the polish – german project REFLECTION.

Jakub Piątek »

Born in 1985, he graduated from the Polish National Film School in Łódź. Before studying directing, he worked as a journalist and culture manager. His debut film, "Mother" (2009), produced by Wajda Studio, was screened at more than fifty international festivals and received several awards. In 2014 he completed the documentary "One Man Show", which premiered in Krakow FF and DOK Leipzig. In 2018, he made a short feature film "Users" (premiere in Krakow and Slamdance). In 2021, his full-length feature debut "Prime Time" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and it is available on Netflix platform in all regions. In 2021 he started teaching fiction directing (Polish National Film School).