What has been happening in Ukraine since the end of 2013 is the manifestation of a global change in the world’s political system. The new order which was formed since the time when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed has now broken down. Russia is trying to rebuild its power around the idea of ​​a Euro-Asian union, standing up for a confrontation with the Western world, represented by the European Union and the United States. These trends are focused on Ukraine as though through a lens. That is why the whole world is looking at what is happening there. A group of young Ukrainian filmmakers are looking at these events from a different perspective: “It is my country, my war, my life”. These are not words uttered lightly. One of the camera operators was injured while filming on the Euromaidan and another director was taken prisoner by Russian separatists while making a documentary in Sloviansk. Their main dilemma is how to separate the role of observer and participant. Often it is the participant that takes the upper hand. The Euromaidan Almanac is a story told by seven young filmmakers about events which they closely observed and in which they participated. They spent many months on the Euromaidan in the cold, they inhaled the smoke of burned tyres and sang the Ukrainian anthem with the crowds. They tried to understand what was happening around them, they tried to take a stand. Seven distinct, personal stories about the Euromaidan are intertwined to create an epic image of the dramatic events which are so important to the filmmakers and also important for the world as a whole. Telling their story about the Euromaidan the young filmmakers ask the question: what will happen to the Euromaidan heroes, to Ukraine, to the world? After all, the situation is still volatile.

Matej Bobrik, Kristina Liulchenko, Ielizabeta Smith, Alisa Kovalenko, Liubov Durakova, Olga Zhurba, Kateryna Gornostai, Denis Strashny
Matej Bobrik, Maksim Nakonecnyj, Yaroslav Tatarchenko, Kristina Liulchenko, Ielizabeta Smith, Alisa Kovalenko, Liubov Durakova, Kateryna Gornostai, Denis Strashny
Alisa Kovalenko, Liubov Durakova, Viacheslav Tsvietkov, Kristina Lizogub, Sergey Dotsenko, Usik Volodymyr
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Matej Bobrik »

Film director and writer from Slovakia, born in Prague in 1982. He graduated from the Polish National Film School in Łódź. His student film “Where the Sun Doesn’t Rush” (2009) was shown at international film festivals such as the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, DOK Leipzig and Visions du Réel in Nyon. His debut film “The Visit” (2013) had its premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and won the Silver Eye award at the Jihlava festival. He has participated in the DOK Pro documentary course at the Wajda Studio. He currently lives in Warsaw. “Our Little Poland” is his first feature-length documentary.

Kristina Liulchenko »

Born in 1988 in Jakutii (Russia). Studied acting and directing at I.K. Karpenko-Karego National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television in Kiev and in Studio Theatre Les Kurbas Kiev Center. She works as actor, TV presenter, she organizes musical performances for children. She directed two short films: "Rado" and "St. Patrick departs".

Ielizabeta Smith »

Born in 1990 in Kiev. She stedied Mathematics at Mechnikov State University in Odessa, Film and Photographic production at Theatrical- Artistic School in Odessa and film direction at Karpenko - Karego National University of Theatre, Film and Television in Kiev. She works for Ukrainian broadcasters such as STB TV, K1 TV and 1+1 TV. She directed several short film including:  "Visit", ''Beyond the quilts", ''Nails" and

Alisa Kovalenko »

Born in 1987 in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. She graduated from journalism studies at the Shevchenko Kiev State University. Now she studies Documentary Directing at I. Karpenko – Karego National University of Theatre, Film and Television in Kiev. She directed several student film, such as "Olehowska Nostalgia", "This is how it is" and "Grandma Hall. Portrait of an accordion".

Liubov Durakova »

Born in 1986 in Kharkov. Graduated from the Moscow State University at the Department of Mines and Petroleum. Now she studies Documentary Directing at I. Karpenko - Karego State University of Theatre, Film and Television in Kiev. She worked as a costume designer and journalist. She directed several student films such as: "Wałodzia", "Teacher of History" and "Julia, her men and illusions".

Olga Zhurba »

Born in 1987 in Browary, Ukraine. Graduated from Kiev Karpenko-Karego National University of Theatre, Film and Television, specialization - director of documentary. She makes video clips. She directed several short films such as: "Solo", ''House on the Border", "Gospels", „Absence", "Tomato".

Kateryna Gornostai »

Born in 1989 in Lutsk (Ukraine). Graduated from biology and journalism at the National University "Kiev - Mohyla Academy". She studied at Maryna Razbezhynej and Mikhail Ugarow documentary cinema and theater studio. She directed several short films, including: "The Press",  ''Real news", "Piano" and "Between Us".

Denis Strashny »

Born in 1988. Graduated from journalism and the art of cinema and television (specialty: cinema and TV DOP) at the International University of Kiev. He works as freelancer DOP, he cooperates with Ukrainian broadcasters such as: Wisimka, Inter, ICTV and TET. He has worked as DOP of several documentaries: "Gospels" (directed by Olga Zhurba), "Hero" (directed by Daria Bondarchuk) and "Hobo" (directed by Anna Is).