Michał Kawecki

 Michal Kawecki has directed and worked as cinematographer on a variety of commercials and music videos. A native of Lodz with Jewish and Roma roots, he has lived in Warsaw and Krakow for several years. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and was trained as an operator at the University of Silesia.  He has been working on his directorial debut entitled No Hero At All for several years. He has recently been working on a second personal project - a documentary devoted to his family entitled The Limit (produced by Munk Studio and Unlimited Film Operations). He is currently shooting two documentaries.  Lost Children deals with the fate of Polish children who were taken from their parents during World War II and secretly shipped off to Germany.  Natural Born Winners focuses on the team players with limb amputations, their mutual struggles on and off the field as they move towards the 2021 European Championship.