Krzysztof Dzięciołowski

A journalist and film/radio producer/director. He was born in Warsaw, Poland. He holds MA in sociology at the Warsaw University. More than 10 years ago he begun his carrier as a researcher for German newspapers and gradually moved into television and film production. He worked for the BBC radio and television in London and with this experience he set up Vision House, a film production house. From the start of the professional carrier he has worked as a freelance and in many different roles for the BBC, NBC, ABC, CBC, ARTE, RTE, RTL, NHK, DR, TV 2 Danemark, Al Jazeera International and many others. He contributed to The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph. And he has worked with such artists and journalists like Lisa Kudrow, Jerry Springer, Bear Grylls, Chris Ryan, Stephen Sackur, Tim Sebastian, David Baddiel, Ross Kemp. His debut documentary Chopin Reloaded about composer's influence around the world premiered on BBC WORLD NEWS in August 2010. Krzysztof is into music, football, history of Europe and genealogy.