On the 24th of June, the International Documentary Film Market Sunny Side of the Doc starts in La Rochelle, France starts. It is one of the largest industry events dedicated to documentary film, which is annually visited by the representatives of the most important television stations, distributors and film producers from the entire world. For the seventeenth time, a stand dedicated to the Polish film will be present at the market.

Polish Docs PRO stand is one of the several dozens exhibitors. Stand is coordinated by the Krakow Film Foundation and its organizing it’s possible thanks to the support from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland from the Culture Promotion Fund and the partners: Krakow Film Commission and Krakow Festival Office.

The Sunny Side of the Doc is one of the most important events supporting the documentary film industry in Europe. The market offers the opportunity of comprehensive promotion of film productions (beginning with presenting the projects at the production stage to the promotion of finished films). It is the meeting place of producers, festival organizers, distributors and representatives of television channels who are responsible for the sale and purchase of the rights to documentary films. Accredited producers and film professionals also have a unique opportunity to participate in numerous seminars, meetings, training sessions and discussion panels dealing with the most up-to-date topics related to the international documentary film production.

The guests from abroad, visiting the stand, will have a chance to receive all the necessary information related to the film production in Poland, and to get the catalogue of documentary projects in production and the latest documentary films. At the stand, film producers and distributors present in La Rochelle will have a chance to present their projects and films. These include the representatives of the Silver Frame, Kijora Film, Short Docs Media, Smart Films, AP Manana and the KFF Sales&Promotion.

Projects presented are:

„Baltic”, reż. Iga Lis / SILVER FRAME „Isabella”, dir. Joanna Janikowska / KIJORA FILM
„Lifgt in the Shadow”, reż. Tadeusz Chudy, Alina Saphran / SMART FILMS
„On My Own Terms”, dir. Tadeusz Chudy / SMART FILMS
„On The Way”, reż. Natalia Dołgowska / KIJORA FILM
„Naveen”, reż. Tomasz Wysokiński / AP MANANA
„Ridding With Ghosts”, reż. Piotr Małecki, Maciej Nabrdalik / SHORT DOCS MEDIA „The Big Chief”, reż. Tomasz Wolski / KIJORA FILM
„Woytek”, reż. Piotr Małecki / SHORT DOCS MEDIA


The project Polish Docs PRO focuses primarily on a wide promotion of Polish documentary film industry at international events addressed to film professionals. It supports film-makers and producers in developing their projects by facilitating access to the markets abroad, co-coordinating the trips of delegations to the pitching forums and co-production markets, organising the presentations of projects, production models and co-production opportunities with Poland, organising networking meetings, participation in lectures, panel discussions, workshops and training sessions. The aim of the Polish Docs PRO is to establish the brand of Polish documentary film in the international film environment and to develop international co-operation.

The market Sunny Side of the Doc lasts until the 27thnd of June – more information on the website