One of the world's major festivals will hold special screenings of new documentaries. The latest film by Paweł Łoziński is among the selected titles.

As the name suggests, IDFA Specials is a unique event organized by one of the most important documentary film festivals. Attendees can expect premiere screenings of specially selected documentaries. The event gives a sneak peek at the festival itself 

This year, the latest documentary by Paweł Łoziński is among the selected films. In “The Balcony Movie”, the director decided to stop and wait for the world to come to him. He stood on the balcony with his camera for two years and tried to record anyone walking under it. These meetings have been turned into a film about people and what they wanted to say about themselves. And about a curious director. I was amazed at how little I know about people. Almost nobody is what they seem. Every person carries their own riddles and secrets. They can't be easily labelled. Life can't be imagined. 

The screening is scheduled for 2 September. It will be the Dutch premiere of the film.

You can find more information here.