This year's, 55th Krakow Film Festival begins with the film "The Dybbuk. A Tale Of Wandering Souls" directed by Krzysztof Kopczyński. The documentary by Krzysztof Kopczyński will also participate in Polish competition and international documentary film competition.We would like to invite you to read the review of the film and the interview with the director.

"Streets of the Ukrainian town of Uman fill up with Jews burdened by suitcases, who make a pilgrimage to the tomb of the tzaddik Nachman - this is how one of the first shots in the film by Krzysztof Kopczyński looks like. They are intertwined with the cinematography taken in Bratslav, where Nachman spent a large part of his life. In this town, which is 100 km away from Uman, our guide is a man who devotes most of his time to caring for Jewish graves. - this is an excerpt from the review by Agnieszka Młynarczyk, the full text is already available on our website.

"The work on the film took seven years and during this time a lot changed for the better in my life and in the world around me. Thanks to the film, I came closer to the eschatological issue, which is important for me, as well as to the spirits wandering throughout Ukraine.  It is beyond my capabilities to provide them with effective help, but I most sincerely wish them more light." - this is how Krzysztof Kopczyński talked about the work on his film in the interview by Agnieszka Młynarczyk.

We would like to invite you to read the entire interview.

The international première of the film is held during the festival's opening ceremony, on May 31, 18:00 in Kijów.Centrum. The film is accompanied by two events - the photography exhibition by Witold Krassowski in Pause in Garden - the vernissage is held on June 1,  16:00, and the debate prepared by Tygodnik Powszechny (the hall of the Academy of Fine Arts, June 2, 17.00). Admission is free for both associated events.