The latest documentary film by Zuzanna Solakiewicz, "15 corners of the world," will have its international première at Locarno Film Festival. The film will participate in the prestigious competition section Semaine de la Critique.

The organisers of the film festival in Locarno gradually reveal the list of films selected to participate in this year's edition of the event. The film "15 corners of the world," made by Zuzanna Solakiewicz and produced by Endorfina Studio, was invited to participate in the competition section Semaine de la Critique. The screening in Locarno will be the international première of the documentary. 

The protagonist of "15 corners of the world," Eugeniusz Rudnik, is an engineer, a son of a peasant from a village near Warsaw, who began to work in the Polish Radio in 1950s. He started from tuning tape recorders, and he ended up as a great artist. He never became a star. For his entire life, he was bent over the console, with scissors in his hand, among his everyday services, counted in hundreds, for his colleges from the radio, composers and filmmakers, he made his own tunes. For Rudnik, sound is a piece of magnetic tape, which you can touch, cut, glue together - analogue materials are for him a source of inspiration and necessary condition for his creativity. For him, it is a wonder which came true in the era of tape recorders and disappeared with the coming of computers. The film's protagonist, Eugeniusz Rudnik, captivating with his sense of humour and intelligence, is a charismatic figure from the circles of Polish electronic music, one of the people who make up the legendary Experimental Studio  in the Polish Radio.

This year, the Film Festival in Locarno is held from 6th  to 16th  August and it is its 67th edition. It is one of the oldest film festivals on the world, apart from the festivals in Cannes, Venice and Karlovy Vary. Each year, the festival attracts several thousands of viewers, including stars and journalists from around the world. It is one of the most important events on the festival map of the world.

It is worth mentioning that "15 corners of the world" participated in the presentation Docs to go! at the 53rd Krakow Film Festival. 

You can find more information about the festival in Locarno on its website